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Heather Hermann | Art Director of Requiem Cafe

Heather Hermann

Art Director | Artist | Designer |Conceptual Illustrator

Heather Hermann 8-bit Sprite

Las Vegas, NV




Heather Hermann; also known as "Duchess of Deco" is Requiem's main visual art director. Painter, designer, tech-girl extraordinaire; Heather manifested extreme perseverance into making Requiem a physical reality. Working in a multitude of mediums Heather helped visually shape Requiem's environments, sculptures, branding, interior design, illustrations and more.  Most notably Requiem's massive "stained glass" window. Dubbed "The American Amano" among fine gallery circuits; Heather translated her iconic visual style to reflect the unique identity of Requiem's vision. Her background is deeply immersed in 80s/90s video gaming, retro fantasy design, and all things magical. Loving all things coffee, tea and fantasy...Heather hopes Requiem will be the home away from home for everyone to enjoy. 

Welcome to Requiem.

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