REQUIEM: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy prides itself in our coffee selections. We offer exclusive coffee magical flavors and artful blends to infuse your morning, afternoon or night with a dose of pick me up boosting powers! Coffee for a multitude of experiences or just a small taste of daily fantasy...
REQUIEM is here; one cup at a time!

Signature Avalon Blend

Snappy Acidity / Light Medium Roast

Fair Trade Certified

Organic Artisanal Roasted

Bright Balanced Flavor

The name for the all-powerful, magical crystalline universe in which REQUIEM takes place. The Omnicryst is a crystal and within it, there are no stars, no moons, and not even space. Looking up from the grassy fields of Requiem’s forest, you would see a sky made of pure shimmering crystal, dense, and rigid. All lands in Requiem form in hollow pockets of the Omnicrysts, called inclusions, and these can be barren or teeming with life. The Omnicryst itself contains limitless magical potential and shards of it that break off and fall into inclusions allow for the evocation of powerful magic in the right hands!



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REQUIEM: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy is all about quality and community. We support locally grown suppliers and collaborations with reputable vendors. REQUIEM is a place of calm, and peaceful vibes. One cup at a time bringing you daily fantasy!



REQUIEM's Coffee and Teas are supplied by KEANE and Art Of Tea artisanal blends. Our exclusive Omnicryst Blend was selectively designed with care for REQUIEM with a bright and balanced flavor. Wither you enjoy Coffee or Tea; REQUIEM has something for you to enjoy!


Potion Icon.png


REQUIEM's Potions Packs are brewed in house! Organic lemonade blended with our signature magical flavors! MANA, HEALTH and STAMINA! Featuring Lavender, Lychee and Desert Pear blends. Our Care Packages also feature a new surprise flavor monthly!