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Kristopher Irons | CEO of Requiem Cafe

Kristopher Irons


Kristopher Irons 8-bit Sprite





Hey I'm Kris (They/Them). Thanks for checking out all this stuff for Requiem.


I always wanted this to be a place to genuinely celebrate all the things we love whether it's books, movies, games, anime, or anything else that gives us joy. I want Requiem to be a place of comfort and joy where you can truly express yourself.


Walking into Requiem is like stepping into another world with a bunch of themed areas and a menu inspired by all kinds of stuff from nerd culture. Whatever shenanigans are going on in your life outside, you should be able to be whisked away into a new world when you come into here.


I hope the message comes across and you can find what you're looking for in Requiem.

<3 Kris

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