Requiem Coffee, Tea & Fantasy promises to be the “Disneyland of Coffee Shops”

Disneyland is where people go to escape the real world and step into a world of fantasy. But for those who are looking for an experience that’s a bit more intimate and quiet, Kristopher Irons and Gabriel Stempinski are opening what they hope will be “the Disneyland of coffee shops.”

Requiem Coffee, Tea & Fantasy is set to be a gaming-themed cafe just down the road from Disneyland. The cafe will have four different sections dedicated to science fiction, medieval, a magical forest, and steampunk.

Guests will find a custom-built mead hall-style table for playing fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons, and a built-in book case for with plenty of reading options. The cafe will also feature a “nuclear core reactor” at its center where guests can charge their electronic devices.

There is a demand for this kind of place, especially in Anaheim,” Stempinski said. “It’s a great central location. Disneyland is down the street and there are plenty of comic conventions and other conventions just a $5 Uber ride to here.”

Requiem Coffee, Tea & Fantasy is set to open in late October. For more information on the new coffee shop, be sure to visit their website at Source: OC Registrar

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