Mid-Week Meetup

Every Wednesday, Jul 31 - Aug 21

Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy

280 S Clementine St, Anaheim, California 92805

We are inviting you to come watch movies, play video games, and get to know each other this Wednesday to fully utilize our communication cones! Come make friends and find all the people who are into the same things you're into or come learn something new you haven't experienced before!

Play games like D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, Final Fantasy TCG, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Settlers of Catan, Jumanji, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Party, Jackbox, and more!

We'll be having polls for what to watch during both the day and the evening.

We'll even hold raffles for free Requiem T-shirts, Mugs, and Gift Cards!

Requiem is the fantasy coffee shop to another world located at 280 S Clementine st, Anaheim CA! We validate for the Center Street Parking Structures so come on by!

(Photo of @yoshitoshitani and @crashfactory and company on IG using our huge table for their D&D game.)

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