A winged bunny with a magical crystal, Blush shines a powerful beam of light across the Omnicryst that guides people to Requiem. Blissful, bouncy, and unbothered, Blush joyously spends her time playing with the sorceress Kaleida. The crystal held by Blush is unlike any other magic crystal found in nature. No one besides Blush herself knows where it came from, but she ain't talkin'!

Blush will never say no to fun and games. Will you play with Blush?

Fernion - The broken king of Ignalia. In an urgent effort to avoid catastrophe, Fernion made a quick decision that saved him and those in his throne room, but doomed his people. Once brimming with confidence, he now questions his every move and carries an immense weight of guilt on his shoulders. While the Ignalian survivors love their king and sympathize deeply, he believes they resent him as he ruminates over his failure.


Coelus - The wise captain of the Praeteritus Crystalship, Coelus led a large batch of refugees into the Omnicryst to escape the Stellanian apocalypse. With only one jump remaining in the Praeteritus’s Prism Drive, and no way to repair it, he called the order to follow the light emitting from Blush, fortuitously crash landing in the comforting embrace of Requiem. Unable to command his ship, Coelus relinquishes his title of captain in order to better adapt to his new life on Requiem.


Kaleida - A collector of shards of the omnicryst, a powerful sorceress, and a survivor above all, Kaleida was hardened by a life fleeing in terror after experiencing first hand the evils of the Aurora Empire. Seeking to amass enough power to single handedly destroy the empire once and for all, she followed the same brilliant light from Blush that brought both the Stellanians and Ignalians to Requiem. Sensing an awesome dormant power here, she prepares to make Requiem into a weapon to destroy the degenerate imperialists.


A Blue Archer - Archer knows Sonia – at least she believes she does. Information is an art, or so the Blue gang believes, and what more beautiful masterpiece could there be than to uncover Sonia Grey’s big secret project. Archer is a self proclaimed master of disguise, and admittedly has the talent to support that claim. She has an in with almost every other gang in the city, but refuses to report on just anything. She’s not about ripples; she only wants to make the biggest waves. Blowing the lid off Sonia’s project will unleash a tsunami over all Fortuna.


Validea - Beloved by the Fortis, Validea is an explorer and a musician with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. When the Ignalians and Stellanias arrive at Requiem, she is the first to greet them, tend to their needs, and desires to learn about their lives. She is in awe of the Saga Aeternum and hopes the Fortis will some day have such a storied history. Fernion wishes the opposite for her.