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homestuck live!

Come join us to celebrate the closing of Homestuck X Requiem with this live event! 

Sunday April 30th at 6pm we will be sending off the Homestuck Cafe by turning the house over to Octopimp (Gamzee, Tavros, and more), Casey Mongillo (Karkat), and Kira Buckland (Vriska) who will be reading from the webcomic as their characters!


This event requires that all guests abide by Requiem Cafe's General Rules. We ask that no outside food or drink are brought into the venue. If you need a special accommodation please notify us in advance. Please have your ticket/ID ready for entry before event starts.

Guests or non RSVP ticket holders will not be allowed to enter without a ticket. 


Limit of 2 tickets per person per order. All guests must have a ticket to enter the premise. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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